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the national institute of standards and technology

The  U.S. Department of Commerce

domestic hot water heaters replacement

Replace Two (2) Steam Domestic Water Heaters


2021 NIST Expansion Tanks Hot Water System

Install a new expansion tank on the glycol heating loop in bldg. 81with associated hydronic valves, gauges, pipe, insulation and concrete pad


2021 NIST Bldg 42 Deaerator Installation

Labor, equipment, and materials to demolish and remove two boilers and an exterior chiller and install a second boiler deaerator tank.


2021 NIST Storm Drain & Domestic Water Repair

Labor, equipment and materials to locate, isolate & repair a potable water leak and storm drain damage. Restoring excavation to previous condition


2021 NIST Air Compressor Chilled Water Pump

Materials, parts and labor to provide process cooling pumps, back up potable water cooling system and associated controls


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